Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun in Alaska

Everything is funner in Alaska. Here Jim has just pulled a shrimp pot up from the ocean inlet near Bull Island.

This is the Cabin Jim and His brother own. They started building it three years ago.

Crab, Fresh, Creepy, Pinchy, I'm allergic.

This is Jims Captain Morgan Pose.

One of my Red Snapper catches. They taste great!

Here we are having the times of our lives. Fresh Salmon catch for dinner.
Do we have to go home?


This is me searching out a spot to sit and rest while snowshoeing.
Great hobby for half the year. Good cold fun.

Horseback Riddin'

On Horseback left is my Niece Heather and right is me.
I'm not a huge fan of these monsters but it was sure an adventure.

She couldn't get enough. She would live on a horse if let be.

Monster Trucks a Bit Red Neck

We Went Red Neck!! Me, my niece Heather, and my sis Kristi

Very Loud. Interesting anyway.

Rafting with Nephew

Nephew Kelly is on right middle, I am on left middle.
River rafting
What fun we had!!
Jackson Hole Wy.

In the Water, and in the woods

Floating fun.

Kayaking! What a blast!

Causey Reservoir is such a perfect place to do this.

Jim likes to pull the boat up the feeding streams to go down.

Camping in our Awesome Little Trailer

Cave at Tonys Grove

Cave Exploring!
Not my cup of tea!
But I was willing to try it.
It is something we will do more of together.
I will stay at the opening, and make a picnic,
and wait for Jim to come back.

On your mark....

Get set.......

...Here we go!!!!!

Jim and I have been together since July 2006.
We had our first date in 2005, before he was deployed to Kuwait.
Since then we have had many adventures together.
Here I will share them with everyone.