Thursday, January 1, 2009


Not a whole lot of warm things to do in Utah during the winter.

Friend (Tarika) trying to stay warm.

Friend (Bonnie) holding up her catch of the day.

Friend (Cade) and his dog Shanna look into thier fishing hole with anticipation.

My nephew Kelly shows us how its done.

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Got one!!!!!


JenPB said...

Where did you go ice fishing?! I didn't know we had any lakes that froze solid enough. And YOU of all people...didn't you worry about falling through?! (OOOPS...maybe you hadn't thought of THAT possibility...I hope I didn't add a phobia!)

Bev said...

I am a blonde when I saw the picture of Kelly and It said my Nephew Kelly I thought no that's MY nephew Kelly. I guess he was your nephew first!

siteseeingcyndi said...

Jen, This is on the little Mantua Reservoir in the canyon between Brigham and Logan. I was a little nervous about the ice breaking, then we saw it was 9 1/2 inches deep once we drilled the holes. It was a busy day to fish up there. I bet there was at least 200 people out on it. Some had snow mobiles on it so I figured if they don't break through then I won't. Any way I haven't had a phobia in quit a while now. I learned how to control those. :)

J.N. Future Author said...

hehe, that looks like fun!

Kristi M said...

Great Pics... But 9 1/2 inches thick or not, I wouldn't go out there. It's all about physics. My too many pounds focused on a foot-sized area equals much more than a snowmobile's weight spread out over like a 4x8 foot area. Therefore, I would fall through, and probably spill my coffee. Can't have that!