Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Under Ground Silverton

Old Hundred Gold Mine

The ceilings were lined
with chain link
in some areas.

That will hold the mountain
up I'm sure.

Our guide demonstrated
drilling techniques.
Very Loud!!!


Some tunnels were flooded
too much to enter.

Necessary mine equipment:
Ore scooper
Pot for pooper

Jim and I,
with (Digger) the guide.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tiny Colorado Towns


Narrow gauge railways
with open passenger cars
take tourists
Durango to Silverton

We chose to drive the route.

The mountain pass was amazing!

We were eating lunch in
Silverton as the train pulled in.

Old Town New Mexico

Jim and I stopped in Albuquerque to explore.

We had a wonderful lunch here.

There are so many shops.

The architecture is simple....

...yet interesting.

Followed the Route 66 for a while.




Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Famous Cadillac Ranch

Near Amarillo Texas

The cars were THICK with years of paint

Making our mark

What an Interesting Adventure!

Antelope Island with Cousins

My California Cousin and
her kids are in town
for Adventures.

We got up supper early
and made it to Antelope
Island before sunrise.

The morning had a breeze,
making the
hot air balloons
hard to control.

Cousin V got to pull the
control valve on
the gas burner.

Sky divers were entertaining.

Cousin E loved exploring
the old time ranch.

We found a Geo-cache.

The festival included kite
demonstrations and games.

The day was long, but rewarding!