Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exploring Willard Basin

With our new Xterra and
Garmin GPS we set out
on an Adventure

Kristi, Craig, and Kelly
came along to play

Higher on the mountain
we got into snow and wind

Hunting season had us sporting
some Orange to keep from
being mistaken for animals

At the Basin we enjoyed our packed lunch
and hiked for two more caches


JenPB said...

XTerra!? I thought you were looking at a JEEP! ;) Looks FANTASTIC! And won't get mistaken for a deer or any other hunter's intended target. Glad you got out to cache about.:) Looks CHILLLLLLY!

siteseeingcyndi said...

Oh, was it cold? YESSSSSSSSS! This xterra was to go of a deal to pass it up. And its cute!

Kristi M said...

We all had a BLAST! I'm not even sore, there were a couple times yesterday that I was pretty sure I would be. Thanks for the fun day!